Web3 jobs: How to start a career in crypto or blockchain

Printed contract of a job offer for a career in web3 on a marble table. There is a gold pen and gold framed reading glasses on top of the contract.
Printed contract of a job offer for a career in web3 on a marble table. There is a gold pen and gold framed reading glasses on top of the contract.
Job offer for a career in Web3

Web3 is the fastest-growing career path in the digital economy and tech sector. The Web3 career industry includes jobs in crypto, blockchain and even metaverse jobs. The types of opportunities are on a broad spectrum. From coding and accounting to design and marketing, everyone has an opportunity to find a career in Web3.

For many people, it is an exciting opportunity to be a leader in building something new with enormous impact. Instead of being a bystander, many are taking it upon themselves to lead the vision of the digital future. It was reported by LinkedIn that, in 2021, blockchain-related job listings in the US increased by 395%. That is five times more than the previous year.

If you have been learning about Web3 for a while, you’re probably curious what opportunities there are to pursue it more professionally. In this article, we’ll share the ins and outs of how to start a career in the blockchain industry.

What skills are needed for jobs in Web3?

There is no limit to what you can and cannot due in Web3. The skills required for Web3 reflect those that are needed in the traditional job industry.

In addition to the skills that you already have, you will need to equip yourself with knowledge related to Web3. You will need to understand concepts such as decentralization, NFTs, crypto, etc. It is not necessary to have a highly technical understanding of these concepts unless you are applying for a highly technical role. Remember, Web3 is still at an early stage and everybody is learning.

It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with different crypto projects and communities first. The more you know your way around crypto, the better you will be for the job.

Which web3 tech roles are in demand?

Tech is required to build the tools needed in Web3. Tech roles are in demand because they are all about bringing a vision in the digital economy to life.

These are the 10 most in-demand tech jobs in Web3:

  1. Smart Contract Development
  2. Solidity Development
  3. Blockchain Security Engineer
  4. Frontend Web Development
  5. Fullstack Engineer
  6. Blockchain Architect
  7. Data Scientist
  8. Security Compliance Analyst
  9. Developer Relations
  10. DevOps Engineer

Which web3 non-tech roles are in demand?

Most people’s first thought when thinking about jobs in blockchain is “I need tech experience”. You do not need tech experience to work in Web3. It is a very broad sector and the demand for non-tech roles is very high.

These are the 10 most in-demand non-tech jobs in Web3:

  1. Marketing
  2. Graphic Design
  3. UI/UX Design & Product Design
  4. Music Industry
  5. Technical Recruiting
  6. Sales
  7. Community Management
  8. Product Management
  9. Legal Counsel
  10. Business

How to get started without any experience in web3

Everybody has experience. Make a list of all the things you have done and the skills they required. You’ll realise that a lot of those skills are transferrable.

If you still feel as though your skillset is not suitable for a Web3 job, you can take these steps to gain experience:

Apply for an internship

Applying for an internship in Web3 will help you gain experience directly related to the field and help you get a better understanding of which career you want to pursue. Internships are a great way to test your capabilities and they are an opportunity to grow within a company.

The good thing about internships is that they allow you to be in a professional Web3 environment without being fully committed to the career path.

Join a DAO

DAOs, or Decentralize Autonomous Organizations, are similar to any organization. The main difference is that DAOs do not have a hierarchy. So, you would not have a boss and would be able to have a voice in making decisions for the DAO.

Find a reputable DAO to participate in and keep records of the work you do. DAOs often need help with a range of things such as marketing, smart contract development and even proposal writing.

Build something

Building something is a smart way to gain a variety of skills. It does not have to be the next major social media network but it can be something simple that people can use.

Building allows you to gain many skills. For instance, you would be required to create your product, promote it, take care of customer service and so forth.

Starting a community on Discord or building a crypto price convertor are both ways of building that require different skill sets.

Are you thinking of building something? Comment below and tell us!

How to network with people in Web3?

You may have heard of the term CT or crypto twitter. That is because Twitter has a massive crypto community of professionals, enthusiasts and creators. It is a great platform to grow your network and connect with like-minded individuals.

Reddit is another social media platform with an active crypto community to connect with.

For a more professional setting, you can build your Web3 network on LinkedIn.

Apart from social media, you can also take part in physical events to meet people in the sector. A simple web search of “web3 events near me”, or “crypto events” will reveal upcoming events that you can attend.

Resources to find a job in web3

So, where do you go now that you know how to prepare yourself for a career in Web3?

With the growth of the blockchain industry, the amount of job listings can be overwhelming and confusing. Believe it or not, scammers also take advantage of job seekers, so you need to be careful.

We suggest these reputable job boards to start your career in crypto:

  1. LinkedIn
  2. AngelList
  3. ZipRecruiter
  4. Indeed

We’d love to hear from you! When you land a job in Web3 let us know. Until then, good luck!