Celebrities who own NFTs: Biggest and most expensive celeb NFT collections

Celebrities who own NFTs. Source: Afrotech

Celebrities who own NFTs are amongst the biggest collectors. This hype amongst Hollywood’s elite suggests that they will be the next wave of mascots for the new technology. Read more to find out about the most expensive collections.

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) gained mass recognition in early 2021, when multimillion-dollar sales were made for digital artwork NFTs. These trades sparked a lot of hype, confusion and rejection–mainly because the vast majority felt that by a simple “right-click and save” they could achieve the same aspect of having ownership over an image.

Over time, when NFTs began to gain more acceptance, we started to see celebrities participate by creating their own NFT collections.

Which celebrities have bought NFTs?

The likes of Serena Williams, Madonna, Jay Z and Mark Cuban all have NFTs.


Serena Williams was gifted a rare Bored Ape (BAYC #) by her husband and is reported to have a collection of other NFTs. 

Madonna is also a Bored Ape holder. According to on-chain data, she bought her BAYC #4988 for 180 ETH. It is reported that Madonna has her eyes on the rare BAYC #3756 which is said to have been modelled after the superstar herself.

Jay Z is known for being a fine art collector and this shows in his NFT collection. The rapper owns Cryptopunk #6095. In a collaboration with Sotheby’s, Jay Z held an auction for an NFT of an animated artwork created by Derrick Adams.

Jay Z x Sotheby’s Reasonable Doubt NFT

Mark Cuban of Shark Tank, is very vocal in the crypto space. The first NFT in his collection is Punk #869. Cuban’s NFT portfolio also consists of a Mutant Ape and an AI-generated artwork created by The GANS Collective. The Mutant (MAYC #13195) is a deviation of his Bored Ape #1597 that has transformed it into a freaky ape. Cuban’s collection can be viewed on the Lazy NFT platform.

Mark Cuban Mutant Ape (left) and Bored Ape (right) side-by-side

Why are celebrities using NFTs?

Most celebrities make use of NFTs to form deeper connections with their fans. Snoop Dogg created a collection which looks back on the early days of his career. The model Emily Ratajkowski released an NFT to reclaim her power after profits were earned from a photo of her and she received no share. 

Which celeb has the most NFTs?

It is unclear which celebrity has the most NFTs, however, Gary Vee has the most expensive NFT portfolio at $19 million. He is a celebrity who owns NFTs that is very vocal in the Web3 space.

Gary Vee’s NFT collection consists of almost 40,000 items. The entrepreneur currently owns 2 CryptoPunks which is a significant change to his previous 59 Punks. He also owns 8 World of Women NFTs and 2 Doodles. 

Who bought the most expensive NFT?

Currently, Gary Vee owns a $2.71 million CryptoPunk. The CryptoPunk was bought for 1600 ETH. 

Amongst celebrities who own Bored Apes, Justin Bieber splurged the most by paying 500 ETH ($1.3 million) for his. The Ape is now worth only 63 ETH ($100,000).

Where do celebs buy NFTs?

While there are many platforms to experiment with, most celebrities stick to Opensea. Opensea is the most trusted and well-known platform for crypto art hosted on different networks. Despite sticking to the standard when buying NFTs, some celebrities are experimenting with different platforms for their own NFT releases. For instance, Lindsay Lohan partnered with TRON network for her NFT release and Paris Hilton has partnered with Origin Protocol.